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Le légendaire Jean Leloup sur scène ce soir au National Arts Centre/Centre national des Arts!

The Legendary Jean Leloup on stage tonight at the National Arts Centre/Centre National Des Arts!

Fantastic concert with great lighting and video.  Jean Leloup had the crowd going even before he played his first note of music.  This was he's solo show.  That being said his stage presents fill the venue and you never felt that there was only one person on stage.

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Bobby Bazini at the National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Canada https://dbriancampbell.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/2/bobby-bazini-at-the-national-arts-centre-ottawa-canada Bobby Bazini played a Sold Out show at the National Arts Centre on November 13, 2015.  He was part of the NACPresents 2015-2016 season, an all Canadian music series promoting great Canadian artists.

Bobby gave a great show!  The band was tight and the back-up singers were just brilliant.  


The lighting for the show was very slick and added to the show in a good way.  The NAC theatre is a wonderful sounding room to watch a concert.








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